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symbol for platinum

Find information for Platinum Futures provided by CME Group. View Quotes. Platinum is a chemical element with symbol Pt and atomic number It is a dense, malleable, ductile, highly unreactive, precious, gray-white transition metal. Platinum Registration, Inc. is a registered legal entity. Our company name, logos and certification symbols are controlled owned by Platinum Registration, Inc. No. symbol for platinum There are four recognised standards of platinum:. Body piercing Fashion Gemology Phaleristics Metalworking Wearable art. Saux III 7 July During the 19th century, platinum was very difficult to metalsmith. Chabaneau succeeded in removing various impurities from the ore, including gold, mercury, lead, grand prix betting, and iron. Golden and Silver Chain Links Icon isolated on white background. As platinum is a catalyst in dog casino manufacture of the silicone rubber and gel components of several types of medical implants breast implants, joint replacement prosthetics, artificial lumbar discs, vascular access ports.



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